WWE Smackdown LIVE Results Today (7th March 2017): Randy Orton vs AJ Styles

By | March 7, 2017

The breaking news of this hour from the Sports Entertainment or from the WWE Universe that is the Latest Episode of WWE Smackdown LIVE will be air in just some hours of time.

This is the New Latest Smackdown LIVE Episode and the build up to the Main Event WrestleMaina 33. And Here (Blog) you Can Get all the Latest Updates on WWE Smackdown Live.

Yes, Tonight 7th March 2017 Episode of WWE Tuesday Night Smackdown will be Live, and it is going to be an interesting Episode.

WWE Smackdown 7th March 2017

WWE Smackdown 7th March 2017

SmackDown has been broadcast from 162 different arenas, in 147 cities and towns, in seven different countries (the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Iraq in 2003 and 2004 for Tribute to the Troops, Japan in 2005, Italy in 2007, and Mexico in 2011).

WWE SmackDown Live comes from the Bankers Life Fieldhouse in Indianapolis, Indiana featuring the build up upcoming WrestleMania 33 pay-per-view (PPV) extravaganza on April 2 in Orlando.

Tonight Main Event of WWE Smackdown Episode Randy Orton vs. AJ Styles in a number one contender match for the WWE championship, John Cena & Nikki Bella vs. James Ellsworth & Carmella, and more.

WWE Smackdown LIVE Tonight (March 7, 2017) Preview, Matches List:

Becky Lynch vs Mickie James 

Dolph Ziggler vs Apollo Crews

Randy Orton vs AJ Styles No. 1 Contender Match

John Cena and Nikki Bella vs James Ellsworth and Carmella

Dean Ambrose vs Baron Corbin

Alexa Bliss Opponent

WWE Smackdown LIVE Results in Tonight (8th March 2017): Full Winners List, Highlights

The Show opens with “Here Comes the Money” and Shane O Mac! And D-Bry!

D-Bry says he thinks the opportunity should go to Orton. Shane, interestingly enough, says he thinks it should go to AJ Styles. Bryan explains that he’s for tradition, Rumble winner gets to go to Mania. But Shane counters that Orton abdicated his spot. That lead to events leading to AJ earning his opportunity.

  • Carmella and James Ellsworth vs. John Cena and Nikki Bella

Winner or Result: John Cena & Nikki Bella win by submission

Miz & Maryse attack while John & Nikki kiss! They take both of them out and hit the ring to address the crowd. Miz says he couldn’t take it anymore and says Cena is disrespectful to him and anyone that believes in true love. He spends hour after hour, day after day with Maryse, but can John say the same?

Curt Hawkins is in the ring calling Dean Ambrose out. He says last week he started something he can’t finish, and when you face the facts, the facts fight back. He wants Dean to fight him like a man.

Dean Ambrose obliges. Hawkins meets him on the ramp, Dean ducks him and lays him out with a lariat before getting in the ring and on the mic. He was gonna call Baron Corbin out, but we all know he isn’t gonna come out, he’s too busy doing his Lone Wolf stuff.

Bliss begins her talk.She’s going to decide her opponent for WrestleMania. It’s not gonna be Naomi, she’s busy feeling the own.

Enter Becky Lynch. She tells Alexa to shut her face and says she came down to make a Beclaration of her own, and she’ll make it real simple to understand.

Enter Natalya. She tells “Beaker” to step aside because it’s not about her. But she and Alexa had a good talk last week and came to an understanding.

  • Alexa Bliss and Mickie James vs. Becky Lynch and Natalya

Winner or Result: Alexa Bliss & Mickie James win by pinfall

  • AJ Styles vs. Randy Orton (WWE Championship #1 Contender’s Match)

Winner or Result: Randy Orton wins by pinfall

Stay tuned for other updates.


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