WWE Monday Night RAW Results Tonight (30th January 2017): Royal Rumble Fallout

The breaking news of this hour from the Sports Entertainment or from the WWE Universe that is the Latest Episode of WWE Monday Night RAW will be air in just some hours of time.

Yes, today 30th January 2017 Episode of WWE RAW will be Live, and it is going to be an interesting Episode.

WWE Monday Night RAW of Tonight is the First Episode after the First Pay Per View (PPV) of the Year 2017 that was Royal Rumble.

Yes, just some hours ago the one of the Biggest PPV Royal Rumble 2017 was over, and there were some fabulous and breathtaking performances done by the WWE Superstars.

There were some new champions crowned in the Big Night but the Night belongs to Randy Orton as he won the Royal Rumble 2017 Match and now headline to WrestleMania 33.

WWE Monday Night RAW of 30th January 2017 will take place at Quicken Loans Arena in Laredo, Texas. And there will be Some Great Matches in Tonight Episode (31/01/2017) of RAW is going to take place.

30th January 2017 RAW Results
30th January 2017 RAW Results

The RAW Today Event featuring the fallout of dual brand Royal Rumble pay-per-view (PPV) which took place last night.

WWE Monday Night RAW Tonight (January 30, 2017) Preview, Matches List:

Stephanie McMahon is confronting Seth Rollins about his invasion of NXT TakeOver.

Charlotte Flair Addresses about her Unbeaten Streak in Pay Per View Event.

New Tag Team Champions The Club Opponent.

Roman Reigns Take on Braun Strowman

Brock Lesnar is possibly addressing his latest humiliation at the hands of Goldberg.

Kevin Ownes Addresses WWE Universe after Successfully defending WWE Universal Title.

WWE Monday Night RAW Results in Tonight (31st January 2017): Full Winners List, Highlights

Enter Kevin Owens, Chris Jericho alongside him as always and a recap of the Universal Championship match from last night.


It’s Braun Strowman Kev says it’s funny he came out because he wanted to thank him too. He wants the title shot.Enter Mick Foley, in a green plaid suit holy hell and he announced Braun Strowman with the title on the line tonight, right here in Laredo, Texas!

  • Chris Jericho vs. Sami Zayn

Winner or Result: Sami Zayn wins by pinfall

  • Mustafa Ali vs. Tony Nese

Winner or Result: Tony Nese wins by pinfall

Seth Rollins makes his entrance. He says he may have been banned last night, but he’s here tonight and he’s live.

Stephanie McMahon enters. She says Rollins isn’t going to rattle her cage with childish insults and HHH isn’t here tonight.

Rollins said HHH is afraid that his dark side will come out and he’ll totally destroy what he once thought was his greatest creation. And the truth is, she asked him to stay away.

Steph replies that she looks at Seth with nothing but disgust and that he doesn’t measure up to HHH.Seth said This doesn’t end until he gets his hands on HHH and he slays the king, he says. Steph says she lied, HHH is on his way right now. He’s coming, and he’s coming for Seth!

  • Bayley, Cesaro, & Sheamus vs. Charlotte Flair & the Club (Karl Anderson & Luke Gallows)

Winner or Result: Bayley, Cesaro, & Sheamus win by pinfall

Neville makes his entrance.He gets on the mic and says last night we witnessed the coronation of the true King of the Cruiserweights.

Enter Rich Swann. He says he’s not here to fight, and as much as it pains him he’s not champion anymore, as much as he wants to throw fists right now, he’ll wait on his rematch.

Neville puts a flurry together in response but Swann is on him with mounted punches, a roundhouse kick sends him out of the ring and Swann launches himself with a suicide dive that sends Neville scrambling up the ramp!

  • Braun Strowman vs. Kevin Owens (WWE Universal Championship)

Winner or Result: Braun Strowman wins by disqualification

Roman clotheslines Strowman out of the ring and heads out after him… Superman Punch off the steps! He sizes Braun up… spear off the steps! A spear to Owens in the ring to boot!

Brock makes his entrance.Paul Heyman introduces himself.And so Paul issues a challenge for one final match, Brock Lesnar vs. Goldberg at WrestleMania.

He says that any reading of the biblical story of Goldberg and Lesnar will tell you that the odds are in Goldberg’s favor, but to that, Brock says “yeah, but…”

  • Nia Jax vs. Sasha Banks

Winner or Result: Nia Jax wins by stoppage.

HHH makes his entrance and talks about how he picked Seth from the beginning. He was first NXT Champion, leader of the Shield, and then Hunter made him an offer to be the best. Seth bought in and he bought in in a big way, and standing by his side, Rollins became the man, the face of the company.

He tells Rollins to get his ass to the ring and meet his destroyer.



Stay tuned for other updates.

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