Forbes 2016 Highest Paid Actors List: Scarlett Johnson Tops (No.1 )

By | December 29, 2016

The breaking news from the Hollywood Entertainment is the known and popular actress Scarlett Johnson Tops the Forbes Magazine Highest Grossing Actors List of 2016.

Yes, this is a confirmed news and Scarlett Johnson is the Number 1 (No.1) Highest Paid Actors List in the Forbes 2016.This means she has appeared in movies with higher cumulative box office than those of any other star this past year.

Scarlett Johnson Tops (No.1 ) in Forbes 2016 Highest Grossing Actors List

Hollywood actress Scarlett Johansson has been known for her portrayal of strong characters on the screen.

The list, released Tuesday, reflects more than any one star’s presence, with every performer on the 10-person tally having appeared in a major superhero film or, in one case, a “Star Wars” spinoff.

Yes, the 32-year old has won our hearts with her power-packed and action filled portrayal of the insanely famous character Black Widow, right from the first Iron Man movies to the latest Captain America: Civil War.

Scarlett Johnson No.1 Forbes List Actors

Scarlett Johnson No.1 Forbes List Actors

The film’s success helped Scarlett Johansson become the highest paid actor of 2016. According to the latest Forbes report, the actor is cited to draw $1.2 billion in global ticketing sale.

Chris Evans 35, and Robert Downey Jr. 51, who respectively starred as Steve Rogers (Captain America) and Tony Stark (Iron Man) in (Captain America: Civil War) tied for second place. They appeared in no other movies this year.

Forbes top-grossing actors list also took the screen time of actors into consideration. Forbes clarified that it did not include the earnings from animated movies where in the actors lent their voices. There was a particular trend in the list which was dominated by comic book and superhero movie stars.

The complete list of Forbes of highest grossing actors in 2016

1. Scarlett Johansson – $1.2 billion

2. Chris Evans – $1.15 billion

2. Robert Downey Jr. – $1.15 billion

4. Margot Robbie – $1.1 billion

5. Amy Adams – $1.04 billion

6. Ben Affleck – $1.02 billion

7. Henry Cavill – $870 million

8. Ryan Reynolds – $820 million

9. Felicity Jones – $805 million

10. Will Smith – $775 million.

Stay tuned for other updates on other fields.

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