13th January 2017 Bigg Boss 10 Day 89 Written Episode: Bani and Lopamudra Gets Physical Inside the House

India’s one of the most famous as well as most controversial Television Reality Show Going on Colors Channel. Yes, that is Bigg Boss 10.

Bigg Boss Season 10 is going on, and Tonight a Fresh New Episode is going to air on Colors TV Show, and this is going to interesting and entertaining.

Last Night Day 88 we saw in Bigg Boss 10, Call Centre Task for this Week Luxury Budget in the House.

Yesterday Day 88 a Call Centre Task in which Manu, Manveer, Lopamudra were the Customer Care Executive and Bani, Nitibha, Rohan were the Customers, and they have asked anything from Customer Care, and they will have to answer it.

The Yesterday Episode was a magnificent one as some personal questions asked by Rohan to Manu and Bani attacked Lopamudra Character and her dad savings.

There will lots of fun, entertainment, mass, surprise, some shocking revelations, some old contestants back, some truth is going to out, some new relations, some new rivals, some new tunings will make in the House.

13th January 2017 Bigg Boss 10 Day 89 Written Episode: Bani and Lopamudra Gets Physical Inside the House

Lopamudra and Bani Get Physical Bigg Boss 10
Lopamudra and Bani Get Physical Bigg Boss 10

Tonight Day 88 a Fresh Episode is going to take place in the House. Yes, now the show is getting tougher and tougher with each passing day.

Bigg Boss 10 tonight Episode is a Call Centre Task, and it is going to be interesting as well as severe one.

Now this week may be there is a Double Eviction in the Bigg Boss 10 House. One is mid-week, and next is on the Weekend.

Tonight Day 89 Call Centre Task Continues but the role has reversed Customers Turns Executive and Executive Turns Customers.

Lopmudra Raut asked a question about Bani mother incident in the house, and Bani lost it as she broke the telephone. Both contestants Lopamudra and Bani have a massive cat fight.

Lopamudra and Bani also get physical in Tonight Call Centre Task and that the Luxury Budget Task Canceled by Bigg Boss and now what punishment Bigg Boss announced for both is going to reveal in the Night Today.

So what next will happen in the Bigg Boss 10 House will be unveiled in the Coming Days.

So Don’t Forget to Watch the Tonight Episode of 2016 Bigg Boss 10 on Colors TV Channel at 10.30 PM on Monday to Friday and on Weekend at 9.00 PM.

Stay tuned for other updates.

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